CarolMoser_ColorI’m a doctoral student at the University of Michigan School of Information. My research interests are in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Social Computing. I am interested in how web design and other sociotechnical factors influence user behavior, impression formation, and decision-making. I study e-commerce, consumer-to-consumer platforms, and online communities through experimental design, survey methodology, and interview studies.


I’m advised by Dr. Sarita Yardi Schoenebeck and Dr. Paul Resnick and I am a member of the Living Online Lab (LOL), which studies social media use in daily life. I also work with Dr. Katharina Reinecke at the University of Washington, where I have participated in research through, which conducts large-scale, cross-cultural online experiments.


Carol Moser, Sarita Yardi Schoenebeck, and Katharina Reinecke. (2016) “Technology at the Table: Attitudes about Mobile Phone Use at Mealtimes.”  In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’16). San Jose, CA. May 7-12, 2016.  Acceptance: 23.4%. PDF.


Education and Awards

Rackham Merit Fellow, University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School, 2014-present.

BA with Distinction, Highest Honors in Communication Studies from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Advised by Dr. Dara Greenwood and Dr. Nicholas Valentino.

Winner of the 2005 Winifred S. Gettemy Scholarship in Communication Studies.

Five-time recipient of University Honors; two-time recipient of James B. Angell Scholar Award.

Recipient of the Scholars Recognition Award, a full, four-year undergraduate scholarship.

Professional Experience

I worked for several years in marketing, project management, and sales for both boutique-sized graphic design and web development firms as well as large corporations. You can learn more here.



I’d love to connect with you! Email me at My office is located at 4337 North Quad,105 S State Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109. You can also view my CV.